20 January 2015

Human Sexuality

One’s sexuality is prominent from birth and is genetic. Therefor one cannot change their sexuality. Sexuality isn’t black and white, nor is it black, white and grey. One’s personal preference defines one’s sexuality but it’s far more complex than gay or straight. Many wrongly put sexuality and sexual orientation in the same category. Although one’s orientation may not also be that easy to define, it’s completely different to one’s sexuality. Sexuality is the capacity for feelings in a sexual nature. It’s the desire and appetite for these feelings. One can express their sexuality in many ways but ultimately we all have a certain lust that can’t be change.

What I’m about to suggest may turn ears but bear with me. I believe one type of sexuality is the lust for children. Paedophilia, if you wish to define it. Many explain this as a psychiatric disorder but I believe these people were born this way and it’s merely their sexuality. Imagine living in a  World where your sexuality is illegal and your closest friends and family find it so sickening that thy’d report you for expressing it. Be it from me to suggest that Western paedophiles are treated as badly as third world homosexuals. 

Now I agree that any person that acts on their sexuality with minors involved, should be trailed and tested. I agree that having sex with kids is wrong. I agree that storing explicit images of children is also wrong. However I have the utmost respect for any paedophile that doesn’t act on their sexuality. Imagine not acting on human nature. The forces of sexuality are colossal and can break any man. So one that can fight these forces because they know it’s wrong, deserves respect. Can you image fighting your sexuality? Can you imagine changing your sexuality? You can’t and therefore these people are stuck in a World of hating themselves and hated by others. 

The director and writer of Nymphomaniac, Lars von Trier, argues that sexuality is the most powerful force in the World. He also argues what I’ve already said. Paedophiles that don’t act on their sexuality should be respected for doing the right thing. Lars von Trier tackles the subject of sexuality magnificently in Nymphomaniac. I would recommend the films to anyone that wishes to learn more on the subject but I’d also recommend them just so you can see the likes of Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf and Willem Dafoe in the most awkward situations imaginable.

Moving back to my first point; sexuality isn’t black and white. One’s lust for bondage is a sexuality in itself. One’s desire for certain races, is a sexuality. There are hundreds, many of which are illegal but nevertheless they are too quickly packaged up into three groups. Straight, gay or bisexual. These are not sexualities but sexual orientations. Sexuality goes further than you imagine and shouldn't be defined.

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