26 February 2015

Edward Snowden: Hero or Villain? Hero, Obviously.

Edward Snowden risked his life to show that our governments spy on us. He leaked thousands of classified documents revealing numerous surveillance programs in Western countries that were used to spy on the general public. He has since been labelled a villain by the US and UK governments as the classified documents put ‘us’ at risk of terrorism.

It was announced that GCHQ have hacked the World’s biggest sim card developer ‘Gemalto’, giving them access to 450 wireless networks and billions of mobile phones. They can now monitor voice calls and data from anyone’s mobile unless one has extra encryption. Meaning we have to get extra security to protect ourselves against our government. Some of the general public say that they don't care if the government spy on us because they have ‘nothing to hide’. Now i’m not saying they do have anything to hide but, these people don't realise that we’re not being spied on because of terrorist threats. If you believe that it’s okay to lose your freedom so that your government can track your every movement, the you’re brainwashed and deserve to live in this corrupt nation.

This isn't a question of security or privacy. It’s a question of freedom. the government are spying on each and every one of us. We are all being watched like a hawk. That’s not freedom. We can’t do anything without somebody else knowing. To add to that, William Hague wants to update the powers of the government to be able to spy on us even more. This comes after the announcement that three school girls left the UK to become brides of ISIS. Hague and many other politicians want to increase spying powers so that we don't all do the same…

They’re not spying on us because of terrorist threats. They are spying on us because they are scared of us and the reason they attacked Snowden is because he revealed the truth of the corruption, lies and cheating. They are scared that we’ll believe him. Well guess what. I believe the truth and Snowden revealed it. Men like Snowden and Julian Assange are the real heroes. They are fighting for our freedom and the government are trying to take it away from us.

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