12 February 2015

Freedom of Expression: Complaints About My Short Film

It has come to surface that people have been offended by my second short film, ‘The Way of the World’. The complaints have been about the final scene with the main character, Peter Driver, jumping off a bridge. The complainers have suggested that the film is a disgrace and that it hurts those of a depressive state. In particular, those that have suicidal tendencies. This uproar has encouraged me to write this article. 

So, why did I make ‘The Way of the World’? One reason: To try and get noticed. Make waves in an ocean of big fish. This was meant to be the first step onto the ladder of Hollywood and so on. For a young an aspiring writer, being told that one’s short film is a ‘disgrace’ would in most cases make them feel like crap. (I’ll come back to why I say ‘in most cases’) All I was trying to do was to get noticed. However, the complainers are obviously aiming for hinderance of my aspiring career as they will say anything to stop my progress. 

Now, the point of the short film wasn't a look at depression. Nor was it a look on suicide. ‘The Way of the World’, is a look at luck and whether it exists or not. I showed this by the continuation of “bad luck” that the main character received. His “luck” then changed at the last second to try and make the audience grasp the concept. The complainers obviously didn’t understand the concept of the film. This was either down to my filmmaking skills or their inability to understand film narrative. At no point was my short film a joke about suicide.

Going back to paragraph two and my mention that most young aspiring writers would feel like crap, I personally enjoy the complaints. Firstly, because it’s a talking point. It’s the old cliché: ’All publicity is good publicity’. I like the attention it brings and being dinner talk is something I materialistically and arrogantly crave. And secondly, we have to talk about the main reason for this article. Free speech. Or freedom of expression in this case. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I have the right to be able to offend. Even if i didn't mean to. So, the fact that they have complained, it critically shows that these politically correct people go about and censor things that they don't agree with. In my case, they are actively against my film and wish it to vanish. 

Making sure I don’t become one of them, they have the Western right to criticise my film and the right to complain. However, they do not have the right to make my video vanish. They should embrace freedom of expression by allowing films such as mine to exist. If they don’t agree with my film and have a problem, why not simply turn a blind eye? I’ll tell you why. Because they are part of the group that take morality into their own hands and think they’re doing everyone a favour by censorship. However, they’re not going to beat me. Here’s my short film for your viewing. 

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