2 February 2015

It's Not Easy Being Young

Life as a young western adult in 21st century is tough. Tougher than it has ever been. I'm not talking about quality of life or greater material belongings but, generally living in society. 

Twenty or thirty years ago, being a young adult was a lot simpler. It was easy to fit in and join western society. However, in the 21st century, young people have trouble joining the bubble of happiness and co-existence.

Firstly, I put it down to technology. Now I'm not one to say that technology is bad or that technology is a hindrance because without it, I wouldn't be a published author, filmmaker or even the writer of this blog. However, today young people live by technology and spend more time in front of a screen than sleeping. The effect this has is terrible. Why? Because they are constantly being bombarded by celebrities that forever show how good their lives are by taking constant selfies, updates of their glamorous lives and information about how much better they are than us. This constant stream of celebrity empowerment is enough to make anyone feel detached from real life.

There hasn't been a time in recent history where young adults have had a titanic amount of pressure on their shoulders. Pressure from peers, parents and society. We demand that each individual must have a personality of their own. The quest to gain such uniqueness is a strenuous task. A need to be different and unique demands young people to look at themselves in a way that one shouldn't and the knowingness of failing to be different causes a tonne of pressure.

The lack of opportunities to succeed these days is detrimental to young people. Now, one may argue that there are more opportunities than ever to succeed but one would be wrong. There are two reasons for this: overpopulation and bureaucracy. The vast influx of immigrants, higher birth rates and people living longer, makes young people in Britain swamped in a place with less opportunity. This combined with needless surge of bureaucracy means opportunities for young people grow less and less everyday. 

A few weeks ago, the latest teen suicide rates were published. I was surprised to see that scientists and psychologists couldn't understand why they'd rose so greatly in the last few years. This is the reasoning behind my article. Young people are facing pressure that has never been seen before and the main reason for that is the constant stream of celebrity lifestyle over social media. Young people feel useless and inadequate in a society that demands more from individuals and less from the ordinary. How do I know this? Because I am one. And I know I'm not the only one.

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