4 February 2015

Overpopulation: The Hidden Apocalypse

After global warming and terrorism, overpopulation is the single biggest threat to humanity. Since the year 1990, the World’s population has grown by 30%. That’s an extra one 1.5 billion people populating the planet. Added to this, life expectancy has risen by eight years in this time. So, people are living longer and more babies are being born. Our current population stands at seven billion and according to figures produced by the UN, our population is expected to reach ten billion by the year 2080.

So, what does this mean?

There are numerous problems that this will cause. The World’s supply of oil is will be hit hard. According to one source, there are an estimated 1.3 trillion barrels of proven oil reserve left in the world’s major fields. They predict that there is only enough oil to last another 40 years. However, taking the rise of population into account, more people will demand oil and the usage will naturally excel. Meaning, we may not have even 40 years supply of oil.

If by 2080, the population has reached ten billion, that’s another three billion mouths to feed. Fine, I doubt food shortages will be a problem, however if the extra three billion people demand meat, cattle reserves will grow exponentially. The effect on the planet by the extra cattle will be detrimental. On average, a cow produces an estimated 250 litres of methane per day. It’s common knowledge that cattle are one of the key reasons for global warming and an influx of cows over the next 70 years will inevitably destroy the planet. 

Space in some countries won’t be a problem. However, in european countries, it may be. The UK as it stands, has a housing shortage. There simply aren't enough houses for the population. When the population rises, as it is, this problem will only get worse. There are some figures that predict European countries populations won’t rise to the extent of the World’s overall population but that doesn't take into account the rise of life expectancy. We are going to live in a crowded World with queues, traffic jams and housing shortages.

In some parts of China, it is the law to be cremated after death. Why? Because of space. There are over 1.3 billion Chinese people. At some point, they’ll all die and they’ll need 1.3 billion graves. There simply isn't the space to do this and I predict that this’ll be the future in all countries in the next few years as our global population continues to rise and cemeteries fill up. In some cemeteries in Britain, plots are only being kept for 25 years as they have already ran out of room. Once the 25 years are up, the grave is re-used. 

Is there anyway to stop overpopulation?

Yes. Putting it simply, China introduced the one child rule back in 1979 as a way of population control. It may come to a point where other countries soon follow suit as our population continues to rise. In 2014, during the Ebola crises, notorious singer Chris Brown Tweeted that the epidemic was a form of population control. He was criticised and was forced to apologise. However, many people believe that it takes natural disasters, epidemics and wars to halt our spiralling population and at some points in time, we need them to continue as a human race. 

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  1. Interesting piece. We've evolved along side viruses. If it were not for plagues our species may have already gone extinct. I'm looking forward to reading your first book tonight.