24 March 2015

Living Wage, Maximum Wage… How About An Equal Wage?

It sounds crazy to suggest that everybody should be paid the same amount. It probably is crazy. From cleaners to brain surgeons, the entire nation takes home the same amount of money every month. An equal wage for all. Labour want to introduce a living wage which is basically a higher minimum wage. But with an equal wage, it would also be a living wage. 
I know this would never happen in a capitalist state. Our establishment would never let a bill like this pass. Neither would most of the country. But for those at the bottom; those struggling every month to pay the rent. Those that struggle to feed their children. For once they would be as well off as everyone else and not have to struggle. 
The class war would be over. There would be no gap between rich and poor. There would be no working class, no upper class and no middle class. Simply a country standing as equals. No more wage slavery. No more insects draining the blood of the workers. An equal wage would do wonders for society. It’s all very communistic but it’s also utopian. An ideal society.
There will be those that suggest that people who save lives or protect lives should earn more than supermarket workers for instance. But I disagree. Firstly, in an equal society, no job is more important than another. Ans secondly, those who save lives do it because they enjoy it. Do not think for one moment that people become nurses because of the money.
I know you’re struggling to see how this would work. I know you think it can’t work. But let me assure you it can. We are brought up as children to believe that the capitalist system is the best system. We are told it can’t change and that we shouldn’t want it to change because there’s no alternative. But take a look around. The capitalist system is broken. Change is needed. The only reason you believe that an equal wage couldn’t work is because you are told from an early age that this is how life is. “You don’t get anything for free” and “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Both phrases are drummed into us in childhood. But it’s wrong. 
An equal wage could work if we wanted it to. It’s merely the establishment telling us that it wouldn’t that holds us back. Think about it. Why can’t we remove the capitalist system? It’s not a force of nature. Nor an immovable object. It’s a manmade structure. An invisible structure bound together by the establishment at the top and propped up by the struggling working class. So, let’s stop thinking that the system can’t change because it can and it will. Change is coming. All it needs is you.

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