20 March 2015

The Solar Eclipse: The Orwellian Nightmare Confirmed

Today we witnessed a solar eclipse. This was the first since 1999. The media hyped up this phenomenon to such an extent that the entire country stopped working to go outside and look up at the sky. We were constantly and stupidly reminded not to look directly at the sun. As if the media assumed we didn't know that already. Since when was it okay to look at the sun in the first place? 

But the media hype of the eclipse goes deeper than just informing us about the phenomenon. This is a clear example of the establishment keeping us under the assumption that capitalism works. You're probably thinking "what a stupid thing to say" or "it's a natural phenomenon and capitalism has nothing to do with it". If you are saying these things, then you are asleep with the 99% of the population.

For a moment, just wake-up. Pay attention. Step back and take notice. The reason the media hyped up the solar eclipse was to keep us deluded that life in a capitalist nation works. How? By feeding us a single strain on false enjoyment. We are a depressed nation of immense poverty and social discontent. But we can't see this because we are being deluded by the establishment. Were you really that excited to see a shadow projected onto a piece of card? Was it amazing to look through a pinhole to see something you’ve seen dozens of times on TV? No. Big business, the media and politicians give us the strands of happiness which last a matter of minutes and then we go back to being alienated wage-slaves.

It’s not just the eclipse that we see this in. The National Lottery is an example of false hope in a broken capitalist system. We all believe that we have a chance of never working again by winning the jackpot. We all think it’s possible. But we’re being cattle of capitalism by playing these games and biting the line. They give you this fragment of hope to stop you questioning the system. If we all woke up and started questioning capitalism, the establishment would be terrified. Because it’s the establishment that is protecting the system as they're the only ones that it works for. 

So next time the media hypes up a strand of false hope and enjoyment, think about what is happening. You only have to look at the Royal Family to realise this. Jubilees, weddings and births are hyped up so much that we are given one extra day off work! Yay! For one day we can be free! Bollocks. If the system worked, we’d all be free everyday. We’d all be independent. We wouldn't be slaves of an Orwellian society. It’s time to wake up. 

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