13 April 2015

America: Land of the Free, the Brave oh, and ugh Gun Crime and Racism

Yesterday, a three-year-old boy from Cleveland shot dead his one-year-old brother. The boy was said to have picked up the unguarded weapon and shot his brother in the head. The Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said "A three-year-old cannot be held accountable for a tragedy like this."
In an era of attempted equal rights, gun crime is still pathetically high in America. The racketeering fascination with guns  has caused thousands of deaths in the US. According to the FBI, in 2012 there were 8,855 deaths as a result of a gun, with 6,371 of those attributed to handguns.
America’s liberalism towards guns has made many states a free-for-all with the police attributing to the gun crime murders too. Both Ferguson and Cleveland have had their fair share of gun crime related incidents in the past few months. Many of which are racially minded. America is not the land of the free or the brave. America is a militia state with mercenaries defending their patches. Nobody can control gun crime if the right to arm is legal.
The only way gun crime will fall in America is through the criminalization of guns. Yes, 50 per cent of them will cry constitutional rights but in 21st century America, guns shouldn’t be legal. These rednecks that claim to love their country, live their lives by an 18th century manuscript. It’s time an amendment was made because until it is, cases of young children shooting each other and anyone else for that matter, will continue to happen.
Guns increase racial tension on the streets of America. They increase the class system and ensure that black Americans are below everyone else. Police officers packing, doesn’t help either. Instead of making them intimidating peacekeepers, they have become lawbreakers. If the American public sees police officers carrying a gun, they become the target and in return a street battle breaks out. Guns are not deterrents. Neither are they enforcers. Guns are weapons of a free-for-all state that fail to break down racial inequality.

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