16 April 2015

Cameron or Miliband?

The 2015 general election is looming and at the end we will be left with either Cameron or Miliband as the next Prime Minister. As ridiculous as it is, they’re the only two men that can win the position. Because this is the situation, the electorate are tricked into thinking that they must choose between the two by voting for one of them. Or, they vote for a third party to keep one of the two men out of power.
As this is how the pathetic first-past-the-post system works, the minority parties (and they’re only minorities because of the electoral system) can never win the election and their leaders can never become prime minister. At the 2010 general election, the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg tried to break the mould and destroy two party politics. In many ways, he succeeded. But ultimately, the Lib Dems only won 57 seats whereas Labour won 258 and the Conservatives 307.
The first-past-the-post system doesn’t fix itself, no matter how the media like to suggest that it can. Labour and the Conservatives will always be the two big parties in politics until either the electoral system changes or the parties are eradicated through law.
This year, UKIP have become the new Lib Dems. However, the Lib Dems are still expected to win more than 10 times as many seats as UKIP. Therefore, the mentality has come full-circle and the electorate are annoyingly choosing between Miliband and Cameron.  Even more infuriating is Miliband and Cameron are playing up to this and turning an already two-horse race into a boxing match.
The solution? Step away from two-party politics and vote for what you believe in. Don’t think your vote won’t matter if you don’t choose Labour or the Tories because voting shouldn’t be about choosing a ‘team’. Voting should be about what you believe in and sticking to your guns by giving your vote to the party that best represents you. What if you don’t connect with any of them? Then vote out of protest, cast an invalid vote by crossing all of them or crossing outside of the boxes. They will listen eventually. No matter how long it will take. Stick to your principles and vote for what you believe in. There are more parties than just Labour and the Tories. The choice isn’t Cameron or Miliband.

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