19 April 2015

I’m Not Black But I Have A Vagina!

Another leadership bid from Hillary Clinton has caused the mass media to question gender equality and feminism. The last time Clinton ran for the leadership of the Democrats, she was up against a black man. Obama used his race against Hilary and then against John McCain in the general election. Clinton told the electorate to look past her gender and treat her like a politician. Naturally this was a mistake. If she, like Obama, used her difference in her favour, she may have gained more support. She wouldn't have won because America naturally wanted a black man and not a woman because Britain had already broken the gender inequality with Margret Thatcher in 1979. 

This time, Clinton is using her gender in her favour. She's using the fact that she owns a vagina and is a grandmother to win voters and stand for the Democrats at the next general election. So, we are back facing the question of gender inequality. Are women actually equal citizens or are we pretending? Going back to Clinton, the fact that she can use her gender against her opponents hints that gender inequality is still a thing. Obama used his race in his favour because racism is very much still a thing. If it were not, he wouldn't have been able to use it as Clinton can use her gender now. 

Coming back over the pond and entering the world of television, Sue Perkins was recently linked with the Top Gear job. There was a subsequent uproar from a minor proportion of Top Gear viewers who sent death threats to Perkins via Twitter as they thought a woman couldn't present a television show about cars. The fact that she was linked shows a dismissal of gender inequality but you can't help but think that those links were created because she is a woman.

It's like when a team of producers sit around a table and cast for a show that requires a diverse panel. Naturally they will suggest a woman and a black person must be included in order to not come across as sexist or racist. Perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps these links were created because they thought Perkins might do a good job at presenting Top Gear. But nevertheless, I think even from me asking the question right there, shows that gender inequality still exists and is very present in society. 

Yes, we've come a long way but I don't think we'll ever be completely equal. The mind of the heterosexual conservative male isn't something that will evolve to stop being the way it is. The fact that Clinton is running has brewed a shit storm in some households in the States and many have called it a disaster waiting to happen. Who knows, perhaps she won't win the projected leadership bid and a transgender ginger dwarf defeats her by a few hundred votes.

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