6 May 2015

Death To The King!

As the Queen greets her fifth great-grandchild into the World, Britain’s love of the royal family has never been stronger. But it hasn’t always been that way. The reputation of the monarchy plummeted in the late 90s with the death of Diana. Although the fault seems to be put on the press, Charles was held in a bad view because of his treatment of the Princess of Wales. She was the peoples’ princess and Charles threw her in the gutter like a cigarette butt. After Diana’s death, the monarchy was on the point of collapse as the handling of the entire event by the Queen and her people was extremely poor. She remained in Balmoral whilst the people expected to see her in London.

It wasn’t really until the Queen’s golden jubilee when the country began to become royalist again. Then, with the death of the Queen’s mother, the entire country stood strong behind her in support. Subsequent events with the Royal wedding, the birth of George and Charlotte has reaffirmed our admiration for the monarchy. (At least for most) There are a number of people that would like to see an end to the monarchy but, is this unpatriotic?
The anti-royalist vanguard and self-proclaimed republicans would argue that the Royal Family is a waste of money, archaic and pointless. Pro-royalists argue that the royal family bring in far more wealth than it costs to keep them. However, across the Sleeve in France, they haven’t had a living royal family since the Renaissance and yet the Palace of Versailles brings in far more from tourism than Buckingham Palace does. It’s a cop out to argue that the Queen is good for tourism. The Americans and Japanese won’t stop visiting England because the Royal Family has been dissolved.
I like the Royal Family. Their global attraction interests me. However, I do think it’s archaic and undemocratic. So, does that make me unpatriotic? Well, what does it mean to be patriotic? I’d define patriotism as holding love and admiration for one’s country.
The reasoning behind the anti-monarchy views will, in their minds, better the country through extra money or democracy. So, their distaste for the Queen is ironically, the thing that makes them patriotic. If, you’re on the other side of the fence and admire the Queen for all she brings to the country, then you are patriotic too. It does not make you patriotic to hold admiration for a head of state. (If you can call her that) Patriotism is a strange felicity. In the States, as they don’t have a figure such as the Queen to admire, they use the flag as a symbol of patriotism. Why is it patriotic to love a flag? It’s meaningless. You can’t really label a person as patriotic or unpatriotic off the cuff. It’s a complicated issue that is too freely thrown about.

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