31 May 2015

One Ten Pound Note, One Night Club, A Couple Of Drinks And The Start Of A Social Revolution

Fever night club, Gloucester. 30th May 2015. Two Disaronno and Cokes and the exchange of a tenner that entered circulation with a message of a leftwing revolution. Emulating the act of Russell Brand and scribing ‘THE TREWS’ on his endless supply of notes, my message was clear and simple. ‘#Revolution’. 

What am I hoping to achieve from this? It’s one ten pound note in a night club in Gloucester. It’s not going to change the world. The next owner probably won’t even see the message let alone act on it. But imagine if they do see it. Imagine if they tweet about it. Imagine if they read this… Very, very unlikely but it would be awesome. The likelihood is it won’t be seen and it will constantly be passed around from shop to person to bank to eventually being faded out as new notes enter the system.

If I did this with every note in my power to write on, the message would be seen. It’s a little generic; just #Revolution but, nevertheless, it’s a message with meaning. What i’m trying to prove here is that we use these capitalist tools to buy on a daily basis to exchange for food, drink and ultimately the pursuit of happiness. But what we don’t do is take a moment to study the notes or coins for that matter. We pass them around every single day. billions of them. All around the world. We are so blinded by what these notes are and take no notice of them.

When you’re a kid and you get £10 in a card from a distant relative, you are so ecstatic about the revelation that you can now afford to buy something. The mere act of owning the tenner makes you so happy. It’s not the fact that you were poor and couldn't afford to buy anything before. No, it’s the belief that you are now a part of the system. A part of society. You have a role to play with your tenner. 

So, next time you’re standing in line at HMV or using the self scan at Sainsbury’s and you take out the funds to buy your products. Take a moment to actually wonder what “money” is. Study the note. You never know what message you may find on the underside of the capitalist tool. Perhaps Elizabeth Fry is telling you to ‘Free Palestine’ or Charles Darwin is calling for a ‘#Revolution’.

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