29 May 2015

Putin Calls The FIFA Arrests A “Conspiracy” Against Blatter

In the midst of a corruption scandal, the entire world is unified in condemning FIFA of their crooked conduct. Well, the world is unified apart from one country: Russia...
Vladimir Putin has denounced the allegations and has called the entire event a “conspiracy”. Putin was speaking about the allegations and said: "I have no doubt about it at all. It is a clear attempt to prevent the re-election of Mr Blatter". Russia and Putin are obviously terrified about losing the 2018 World Cup as many have called for the contest to happen again. If the allegations are correct and FIFA officials have taken bribes in order to vote for certain countries in the World cup bidding process, we need to look further than the men taken in custody. The governments of Russia and Qatar most notably whom both won World Cup Bids at the surprise of everyone watching.
It is outrageous that Putin has called the event a “conspiracy”. But I’m honestly not supposed he has said this. I was planning on writing a post about Putin’s Russia but now I feel that this story demonstrates how ridiculously corrupt he is. Russia is the most unequal country in the World with 35 per cent of citizens owning more wealth than the other 65 per cent and the average person in Russia has less money than the average Indian. Meanwhile, Putin is an oligarch himself and is one of the richest men in the world due to his dealings whilst as President.
I don’t understand what it is about Russia and Russians that makes them so frustratingly different to the rest of the human race. Since time in memorial and through the era of having a Tsar to the Bolshevik revolution, Lenin , Stalin, Gorbachov and to the present day of Putinism, Russians have honestly been seen as lunatics that want to live the way they do. I’m not talking about communism or dictatorships. I’m talking about their roles in both World War One and Two, the Cold War and their recent invasions of Georgia and Ukraine. Russia is an extreme enigma.
But it’s no coincidence that both Blatter and Putin have maintained easy election victories in the past and have maintained their power for far too long. I think we are all surprised that Blatter has so far escaped any sanctions or arrest as he is seen as the corrupt man at the head of a corrupt organisation. The allegations (although still merely allegations) concern the World Cup bidding process as well as television rights and taking bribes for the said. FIFA needs drastic reform. That much is certain. At the last election, Blatter was the only name on the ballot paper and yet they still held an election like some North Korean regime. The upcoming election, which many have said should be postponed, is between Blatter and Jordan’s Prince Ali. 
I think we are all fed up of FIFA the way it is. I will be very surprised if Blatter doesn’t come under the spotlight for wrong doings or corruption as the mass media has called for his head. We all knew FIFA was corrupt but whether Blatter allowed the corruption to happen is a decision for the Supreme Court. 

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