25 May 2015

Reality Isn’t Real

When humans reach a certain age, they become conscious of their social narrative and abide by the rules of social acceptance. When we are young, we do things that we would never do as adults. This is because as we grow up, we are told how to act and informed about what is socially acceptable. Therefore, we suppress our personalities to a state of conformity in order to fit in and not be seen as weird. This fundamentally makes us unhappy.

Russell Brand said: "When do you ever meet people who are happy - genuinely happy? Only children, mentally ill people and day-time television presenters, and I've been all three.” I’m not sure if he first said this or if he was quoting somebody else but he’s completely correct. We are suppressing ourselves so much to fit in that we are destroying our happiness.

When you’re a kid, you see the world differently. You ask questions that seem idiotic but in truth, they are questions that hold so much substance. The real question here is a question about reality. We all see the world differently and we are all working on a second-hand outlook on life. We only know what the colour green is because we have been told. We only know that the earth is spinning because we have been told. We only know that the plants give out oxygen because we have been told.

Reality is what you perceive it to be. Children live in a different reality to adults. Even teenagers see the world differently to adults and kids. The mentally ill have an entirely different outlook to reality and life itself. There isn't one simple reality. There are things that our eyes can’t see, our ears can’t hear and our noses can’t smell. Dogs can hear higher pitched noises and certain birds can see a complete different spectrum of light. Even the consumption of hallucinogenics can give you a different outlook on reality. 

We are told that what reality is but how do you and the people telling us this know that this is real? When we dream, we enter a state of distorted reality. But how do we know that we’re not living in a dream? How do we know when we dream, that isn't actually the real life? The odds are impossible but we can’t actually fundamentally deny it because we have no evidence to prove otherwise. It’s the same with religion. We can’t prove that there wasn't a God. The evidence looks to be in favour of it not being true, but any atheist will explain that one can’t rule out the existence of a supreme power as there isn't any evidence for it.

What we perceive to be real or reality, is only the perception of our senses and the information given to us by other humans. Facts that we may think are completely and utterly true, are only as true as reality and as reality is different for everyone, facts aren't actually true for every life. The world is far more complicated that what we can see. Reality isn't real. Reality is a construct of the mind and it’s different for every shell that inhabits a brain. 

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