9 May 2015

The Election Result Has Fuelled The Fire Of Revolution

I’ve never been so hungry for a revolution. Although the result of the 2015 general election was both surprising and exciting, the outcome wasn't ever going to change anything. For months now, I’ve been declaring my hope for radical change in society and politics. People assume that voting matters and that change is going to come from voting in either Labour or the Tories. But choosing between the lesser of two evils won’t solve the World’s problems.

I voted at this general election for the party that promised the most radical, prosperous and revolutionary change. I knew very well that voting Green wasn't the answer to my question of change. I knew that because of the electoral system, my vote carried far less power than a vote for Labour or the Tories. However, what voting green has done, is along with the strong UKIP turnout, declared the need for proportional representation. Once this system of voting is introduced, then, the revolution can truly begin to take off.

My hopes of a revolution naturally stemmed from a change in mindset, most prominently influenced by Russell Brand. However, Brand’s quest is different from my own. Although we agree hugely on most topics and our left wing ideas are much the same, for me it’s much more personal than helping society flourish. We’re living in a cooperate world of slavery and routine. I don’t enjoy being trapped by chains, supporting conglomerates like McDonald’s and Apple. Yes, they produce products but we have to work our arses off to able to afford them for a glimpse of happiness. Me stopping from buying large fries and an iMac isn't going to change things. I even doubt that it would make me feel any better.

I don’t want to live in a pro-business, pro-commercialism world. The only beneficiaries are the trans-national companies themselves. We are the cogs in this broken machine and radical change is needed from us to change it. Voting in Labour or the Tories won’t bring about this as neither would want to see their interests diminish due to a PR voting system. So, asking me to choose between Cameron and Miliband on May 7th was like asking me to choose between Pepsi and Coke. One’s better than the other but they’re ultimately both the same. 

You can call my ideas stupid, fantastical or “guff” as one person put them. But, my utopian world would benefit everyone is society and not just the privileged few. Simple kick-starters like a 60p+ income tax on the highest earners in society, a robin hood tax on stocks and shares, a stop on bankers bonuses, a crack down on tax avoidance on a global scale. All of these policies were Green Party policies and were voted by 1.1 million other Brits on 7th May. I’m not the only person that wants this utopia. There are many others out there. Change can happen and change will happen. Don’t tell me it can’t. 

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