10 May 2015

The SNP Won In Scotland Because Of Political Apathy Not Independence

After the unsurprising result in Scotland, the rest of the Union is shitting itself at fear of another referendum. The break-up of the United Kingdom has since been labelled imminent with Nicola Sturgeon playing the anti-English role of William Wallace. 

However, although I agree that many did vote for the SNP for a second referendum on Scotland’s future, this was not the reason that they claimed 56 out of 59 constituencies north of the border. Labour, the Tories and the Lib Dems all won a solitary seat in Scotland with the Lib Dems winning Orkney and Shetland which was described by Andrew Marr as part of ‘Norway or Denmark’. The reason for SNP dominance in Scotland was because of political apathy towards the Westminster parties. There’s no pretending that Scotland often feels the brunt of cuts in Whitehall and they, like most in England, have had enough of voting for the second worst party.

I would suggest that if UKIP weren't labelled as racist by the press and other parties, they would have won far more than 12 per cent of the vote. Moreover, the lockout by Labour and the Tories in South Thanet definitely wouldn't have happened as they wouldn't have feared UKIP quite so much. The reason for the rise of the SNP, UKIP and the Greens is due to political apathy and complete distaste towards Labour, the Tories and the lib Dems. 

Political apathy is very strong across the nation at the moment. I’d argue it’s never been stronger. Now, it’s beginning to show with the SNP winning 56 seats, UKIP earning 12 per cent of the popular vote and the Greens 1.1 million votes. Scotland won’t get another referendum. They’ve had their say for a generation. You can’t have a referendum every Thursday until they get the result they want. And i think many SNP voters know this. But, they’re not going to vote for English parties and continue to see their identity wiped and their welfare cut.

The Conservatives used the fear of the rise of the SNP to make people in England vote Tory. They argued that the SNP were going to win in Scotland anyway and the only way Labour were going to get into power was with the backing of the 50 odd projected MPs from Scotland. Now Cameron has a choice to make regarding Scotland. Either give them full ‘devo-max' or continue to see a political wipeout in Scotland for the Westminster elite. 

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