3 June 2015

Can Football Now Return To Its Roots?

With the resignation of Sepp Blatter, the blanket of corruption has finally been lifted. After almost two decades in power, Blatter changed FIFA and turned into a business for the men at the top rather than for the fans of the clubs and countries.

Although all the talk seems to indicate a November election, some famous faces are already stating their ambition to run for FIFA president.  The former French international David Ginola has declared that he will be running for the position. This is the best possible outcome for FIFA and football in general; former players running the game instead of old businessmen.
If the players are in charge of the game, they will have the best interests of the sport and the supporters. Football might become something much more than corporate sponsorship, high ticket prices and extortionate transfer fees. Although, ideally, the fans should be in charge in comparison to how German football teams are controlled, having a former player will almost certainly be better than the previous 17 years under Blatter.
It’s fundamental changes in powerful organisations that really make an impact on the world. We now need to see similar changes at the top of other powerful transnational organisations to make a difference. Companies need to stop thinking about profit and more about its customers and employees.
FIFA will no longer be seen as this corrupt entity and instead it will be a global icon for equality and rightfulness. Football can progress and return to what it used to be; A game for diehard fans and families alike instead of a toy for the rich businessmen of the world.

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