16 June 2015

Donald Trump: The New Face of Anti-Immigration

Barack Obama is coming to the end of his presidency and his potential successors are declaring their ambitions to become the 45th president of the United States. We all knew that Hilary Clinton was running but now another famous face has shown his hand. Although having stated previously his desire to run, Donald Trump has now declared his candidacy.

Trump is one of America's most successful businessmen. He supports capitalism as if it were his own son. Without capitalism, Trump would be nothing. Now he wants to protect it by becoming the president of the worlds most powerful country. 

Trump was once asked what he'd do to combat immigration. He responded by suggesting an investment was needed to build a wall between America and Mexico. Yes, there's already a fence but Trump wants a solid wall to stop immigrants from entering the land of the free. Trump is ideologically right wing and his presidency policies would reflect that.

Nothing good would come from Trump being president. America would continue being a backward nation of racists, hunters and homophobes. Equality under Trump would be a major issue. Not only am I talking about sexuality, race and gender but also the class gap between the rich and the poor. Trump will protect his own and make sure that the rich get richer.

Would Hilary Clinton be a better choice? She'd tackle inequality for sure. She would fight for everyone. But would she have any actual power? No. And neither would Trump. We've seen this under Obama. He doesn't have any power. He struggles to pass bills and create legislation. The American government is run by big business and money. Bribes are too easily taken and the politicians become puppets of capitalism.   

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