20 June 2015

Kazakhstan: “The Land of Wonders”

Kazakhstan is one of those countries that people know little about. To any westerner, It’s the land of Borat and nothing else. Kazakhstan gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. They’ve had the same leader since the birth of the state. Nursultan Nazarbayev. This man is as corrupt as dictators come.

Since his dictatorship began, Nazarbayev has made so many amendments to elections that most of the elections have actually been referred to as referendums. He’s legally increased his term time  in office and he’s made it legal for him to stand for election as many times as he wants. In the latest election (2011) Nazarbayev won 95.55 per cent of the vote. This is only four per cent less than Kim Jong-un gets in North Korean elections.

Nazarbayev recently hired the former prime minister, Tony Blair as his adviser. Blair is paid millions of undisclosed pounds in this position and doesn't seem to do much to earn it. He writes the odd speech, meets the odd dignitary but doesn't do much more than that. Nazarbayev is said to be a moderniser and using Tony Blair’s charisma and profile to his advantage is a media ploy to try and show his modernisation.

A former non executive director of a Kazakh energy company once said that every element of the periodic table lies under the Kazakh soil. Nazarbayev is therefore, the ruler of a country that is potentially the richest country on the planet in terms of resources. Moreover, Kazakhstan is larger than the whole of western Europe combined. In 2006, Kazakhstan signed the Central Asian Nuclear Weapon Free Zone and deposited their nuclear weapons 2008. However, Kazakhstan do not need nuclear weapons as their relations with Russia are watertight. 

Nazarbayev is an evil dictator in control of an underestimated country. With a population of 17 million people their GDP is vastly greater than it should be as it currently stands at 13,609.75 USD and rising. Their economy is soaring and their foreign relations with dangerous superpowers is frightening. 

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