1 July 2015

British Muslims Join ISIS To Escape British Society. Not To Kill You.

More and more British muslims are fleeing to Syria via Turkey, in order to join ISIS. The men as soldiers and the women as domestic slaves. The British media is presenting these stories in a way that suggests it’s the propaganda and allure of ISIS that makes Brits join the organisation. But it’s not.

British muslims are joining ISIS because of the detachment and disillusionment of modern society. Life is so shit, that the only escape is through this organisation. For non-muslims, the narrative is different. The escapism is through drugs and alcohol. It’s simply a different narrative strand that British muslims follow.

Society has become so deformed that people are wanting out. Life is a struggle for these people. It’s not them hating the west. It’s not them wanting to kill us. It’s an escape to a different society. These people are criminalised for joining ISIS because everyone assumes that they are joining the organisation to kill people. It’s just not the case. I understand that they will inevitably become terrorists once joined but that doesn't mean they want you dead.

Imagine a place where you can be free, where there’s no establishment dictating your life. You don’t have to struggle everyday to feed your children or pay your rent. A place of tranquility and ultimately freedom. Unfortunately, ISIS doesn't guarantee this but, as drugs don’t guarantee a better life either, simply an escape, British Muslims still travel to the middle-east as non-muslims still take drugs.

It’s unfair that these people are being condemned for wanting this too. It doesn't help with the rightwing press telling everyone why these people are doing this, either. Make up your own mind. But ask yourself this: Is life worth living in this country for everyone? Or do you understand that for some, an escape is the answer?

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