3 July 2015

Choose Corbyn Or Face Further Demise

The Labour Party leadership race is in full swing with the four contenders all gathering noticeable support. The contest was thought to have been dull are pointless in the early stages as none of the candidates showed real difference or promised radical change. Kendall, Burnham, Cooper, Creagh and Umunna all followed the right/centre-right position. They all looked like they were simply trying to win an election and not have our interests at heart.

The election stopped being pointless when the leftwing Jeremy Corbyn declared his candidacy. Corbyn stands for something different. He’s a shining light in the crooked and corrupt party politics game. Corbyn’s socialist stance is refreshing from the Labour party. He was one of few Labour MPs to speak up against the 2003 Iraq invasion and he is utterly against the proposed bombings of the Middle East. 

Corbyn wants to tackle the big pharmaceutical companies, tackle climate change properly and most importantly, Corbyn wants to end austerity. I’d imagine if the Green party were a much larger party, Corbyn would be running for their leadership instead of Labour. Corbyn is also currently, standing up for the Greek people and wanting for their debt to be wiped as, he feels the level of austerity is crippling to the people of Greece.

So, why would Labour need Corbyn over the other candidates and why would the other candidates mean a further demise? 

Labour need change and Corbyn offers it. The other candidates are Tory lite. After the loss in Scotland and a dramatic swing to UKIP in England amongst the working class, Labour are fighting the Conservatives in their battle grounds and majority seats. This is a fight that they'll never win. However, if Labour elect Jeremy Corbyn, they will rejuvenate themselves and gain votes from nonvoters, the Greens and the Lib Dems. They may not win the next election but, with Corbyn, they stand a much better chance.

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