26 July 2015

Hotdog Legs, White Sand And Gourmet Salads: Welcome To The Age Of Narcissism

We've become a world obsessed with ourselves. We post pictures on Instagram, tweet on Twitter and update our status on Facebook. Why do we do this? Nobody cares where you are, what you're doing or what you're eating. The only people that care are ourselves. We've become so narcissistic, so self obsessed, so disconnected. I’m not one for moaning about phones at a dinner table or whilst somebody is speaking. I don’t think it’s rude at all. It’s no ruder than reading a book or eating. The only people with these views are those that have distaste for social media. 

Is social media a good thing? We have an unhealthy obsession with getting more likes, gaining more friends, more retweets. We think it brings us joy, we think people care. We post photos on Instagram because we think our lives are worth documenting like a celebrity's. But the truth is our lives aren't worth documenting. We play the game to kid ourselves that life is good. The obsession distracts us and keeps us from being proactive. Procrastination has become the norm. Can you remember how easy it was to put off doing your homework or revision when you were at school? Imagine what it’s like today… 

It's come to a point where we care more about documenting a holiday than enjoying it. The perfect selfie with a backdrop of Notre Dame Cathedral. Yes, we want to take pictures of our holiday to remember it. But it's come to a point where that's all we do. Hotdog legs, white sand, the gourmet salad. Needless pictures but ones that we must take. I don’t think we actually enjoy our holidays anymore until we get back and brag about our Instagram snaps.

The thing is, I'm writing this on on a narcissistic platform in order to make people read what I think. Yes I'm as bad as everyone else, if not worse. But I guess at least I openly admit my narcissism. It’s strange, but in order to point out the world's problems, the world's issues, one has to take to a self obsessed facility. The difference is, most of our self-obsession comes in the form of selfies, new clothes or a takeaway.

Things will never go back to how they were. The society that we live in at the moment will continue to grow. Social media will become far bigger than it already is. Perhaps we just have to accept the inevitable that we are heading for an incredibly digital age. What we are currently experiencing is merely the tip of the iceberg. Not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. There are those that refuse to join up. However, these people are the minority. As we depend upon our phones and computers more and more, the accessibility to use social media has and will become incredible. 

Social media is a good thing. It helps us keep in contact, share our experiences and become things we thought weren't possible with extreme connectivity for writers, singers, actors, you name it. But, it does get in the way at times and it’s allowed us to become a society of know-alls, perverts and eavesdroppers. Moreover, it’s become a hobby in itself with us forgetting the meaning of ‘interest’.   

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