12 July 2015

The Creation of Life: The Perfect Crime

Since the dawn of time, the question of our existence has been the unbridled and unanswered subject. To this day, there isn't a defining answer and the question continues to mock us. Scientists will continue to plod on and astronomers will inevitably spot a trail that could've been left by our creation.

I am an atheist and I have written about my stance against religion in ‘The Arrogance of Belief’. However, I would ask any atheist, including myself, that they have at some point, considered the possibility of a higher power. Even if it was for a moment. One Thursday afternoon in April. The question will have entered their minds. Or perhaps at times of great hope or anxiety. A little prayer perhaps to the lord? Sounds stupid from an arrogant atheist to suggest but, as I pointed out in the introduction, there isn’t a defining answer to this question.

I’m not suggesting that it’s hypothetical. Neither am I saying that I don’t know what I believe. What I am suggesting is that all atheists are slightly agnostic. The same could be said for God fearing folks too. I’m sure the most devout Christians have asked themselves whether there is actually a God. Or perhaps an Imam in Pakistan has questioned his beliefs. 

Yes, there is very good evidence pointing towards the big bang and rendering religion irrelevant. But again, we don’t know for sure. I’m atheist because I believe we weren't created by God or a higher power. I don’t necessarily believe in any theories because none of them are proven and are just theories. 

I’m not sure who I’m quoting here but someone once said that we’ll never know how we came to be because we are part of the software. Like characters in a video game, film or book, we don’t know and will never know how we got here. As far as these characters know, they are unaware that we created them. As we are unaware who or what created us. Therefore, the possibility of never knowing is stronger and scarier than you might have thought.

Religion will never be able to give us a new answer as they have theirs. Science is still looking and is hopeful but I’m afraid I’m leaning towards the felicity of never knowing how we came to be. Imagine it like a perfect murder. All of the evidence has been cleared up and nobody will ever know who did it. Our creation may be the same. A point at the start of history that wasn't recorded. That nobody witnessed. That left no evidence. Some scientists will deny this and suggest evidence was left but if this was the case, the perfect murder would've been cracked. 

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