18 July 2015

The Queen Isn’t A Nazi And The Sun Aren’t Freedom Fighters.

Pictures have recently emerged showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute as a young child in 1933. At this time in history, Adolf Hitler had taken power and was the Führer of Germany. What he wasn’t, was a mass murder, oppressor or hated monster. Remember at this time, the Daily Mail supported him and in five years time, he would be named Time magazine’s man of the year for 1938. So, the Queen performing a Nazi salute in the early days of Hitler’s regime was nothing more than courteous from a young woman showing respect for her German heritage. 

Declaring that the Queen was or is a Nazi sympathiser is utterly ridiculous. She performed it in 1933 and probably didn't want to do it again after the annexations of Austria, the Saarland or the invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland. She certainly felt embarrassed about her German ancestry after 1939 as the family ditched the German surname. The Queen is not and was never a Nazi sympathiser. Her salute was as innocent as petting Hitler’s dog, Blondie. 

What is surprising about this story to me, is that it was the rightwing, royalist newspaper, The Sun, that published these photographs. What are they trying to get from this? They support the Queen. They love the royal family and especially the new royals. They learnt their lesson after the death of Diana and switched from their anti-monarchist views in the early years of the twenty-first century. So, why publish these images if it’s only going to hinder the Queen’s reputation? That’s the last thing they want, surely.

The Guardian is declaring that the Sun should be saluted, if you excuse the pun. Saluted for showing us these photos. But, I don’t see why they should be. These photos don’t prove anything or tell us anything new. There’s no story here. The Guardian are telling us to forget what the Sun stands for because they have shown us these pathetic photographs. If anything, it’s distracting us from what the Sun is all about. Don’t be fooled by them ‘doing us a favour’ or them acting like the new freedom fighters of the press. They’re not. It’s a distraction away from Murdoch. Don’t be convinced.

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