2 August 2015

Death Never Hurt The Killed, Just The Alive.

Amazingly, there are ten countries around the world that still practise capital punishment. The US is one of them with 31 states still embracing the death penalty. Although the persecution around the world has largely faded out since the sixties and seventies, the debate, although hugely uneven, is very much alive. The debate hasn't changed much over the years but it does seem that more and more people are pro for special cases such as terrorism or mass murder. 

It’s hard to write a post about capital punishment without taking a side or staying neutral. I think anyone who tries to do so, is hiding behind their words. 

When you look at the US and think 31 out of 50 states still embrace such medieval practises, you wonder how civil rights have come along so much in the last fifty years. I’m not suggesting things are perfect as any African-American would happily express how divided the country is at the moment. But, one wouldn't expect a country that prides itself on leading the free world to still use such methods of prosecution. Religion does play a massive part in this with the majority of the southern states being part of the 31.

Books have been written about the lack of tolerance in the south and i’m not going to discuss gay marriage, abortion, creationism or racism in this post as it would take a year to write. But, there’s a definite link between the south’s intolerance, their religion and the death penalty. There’s no place for capital punishment in a civilised, cultured or liberal society. It belongs in Shakespeare and Game of Thrones. For America to truly be a leader of the western world in terms of social liberalism, the death penalty would need to go. (Not to mention the aforementioned issues) 

The death penalty doesn't hurt the criminal. It only hurts the criminal’s family. If you want a mass murderer or terrorist to pay for their crimes, death isn't the answer. Death doesn't hurt the killed, just the alive. We could go into the morality of the killer’s killer, the need for fundamental evidence, the act of playing god or the state of the accused’s lifestyle after the sentence but they’re arguments that have already been had. Repeating them would see us going in circles.

Being in favour of capital punishment is moronic. Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye left the whole world blind.” This should be the mantra for society but I fear that we are going backwards.

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