20 August 2015

How One Man Changed The Political Mindset Of Britain

After 366 episodes, Russell Brand has said goodbye to the Trews for the time being. 1.2 million subscribers and 110 million views later, Russell Brand hasn’t simply changed our perception of him but he has changed our perception of the world. 

Before Brand, there was no-one. We didn't have a voice who would stand up for us and tell us what’s going on. The figures who took this title were all rightwing anti-political correctness working men’s heroes. Brand burst onto the scene and showed us a new way of thinking. A way that would stay in our minds and change our outlook of politics, society and culture.

When Brand was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight way back in 2014, the media and Paxman himself, picked up one main message from Brand. “Don’t vote.” However, Brand stood for so much than telling people that voting is pointless unless there’s someone to vote for. He stood for social justice, social mobility, the rights of us. Brand challenged austerity. He pointed out the vast tax avoiders in the form of Apple and Starbucks. He challenged the monopoly of Rupert Murdoch in Britain and America. Suggesting that Brand was all about not voting is ignorant.

Brand’s critics suggest that he has achieved nothing from his book ‘Revolution’, his YouTube channel and his film ‘The Emperor’s New Cloths’. But, again, this shows complete ignorance. I will quickly mention his success with helping the New Era Estate and opening the Trews Cafe but it is his indirect and ironic success in getting people active in politics. And most notably, young people. There’s no question that Russell Brand has influence the political lives of so many young people. And I'm not just talking about young people who were already interested in politics. No, Brand has introduced politics to so many who were previously uninterested.

The Green surge that helped the Green Party of England and Wales gain over one million votes at the general election was contributed to by Mr Brand. His political teachings matched the Green Party on most points and those who followed Brand felt that they now connected with a political party and voted for them at the general election. It also helped that he partially endorsed them but for suggesting it would be pointless due to the first past the post system.

Brand leaves us in the middle of one of the most exciting times in political history. As we stand, Jeremy Corbyn is on the verge of leading the Labour Party. A proper socialist who connects with ordinary people like no other politician does. Corbyn is a man of hope and his politics reflects that. Corbyn can change Britain for the better. And who can we attribute for Corbyn’s support? One Russell Brand. He’s changed the mindset of the country and particularly young people so much so they have found a figure within politics who can deliver their socialist dreams. Russell Brand has had an amorous affect on Britain and if Corbyn becomes leader of this country, Russell Brand deserves far more praise than he currently gets.

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