18 August 2015

Labour Leadership Election: Democracy Is Under Threat.

In 1994, Gordon Brown was fully expected to be the next leader of the Labour Party. The sudden death of John Smith paved the way for Brown to take charge. However, behind the scenes a cunning rat plotted and schemed to stop Brown from taking the helm. That man was Peter Mendelson. He, with Tony Blair, formed New Labour and told Brown to step aside with Blair granting Brown a promise of future leadership.
21 years later and the same rat is sneaking around the corridors and using his black magic to hinder Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of winning the leadership contest. He has informed Burnham, Cooper and Kendall to all step down so that the election is void. What Mendelson is doing is destroying democracy. 611,000 members are eligible to vote in this democratic election and Mendelson wants to undermine the members by toppling the entire event.
The New Labour gang including him, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and Alistair Campbell have all told us that we are not to vote for Jeremy Corbyn at risk of Labour being annihilated. However, the party is already annihilated. Without regaining leftwing Scotland and having a leader that can connect with the lost UKIP supporters, Labour will never win again. Burnham and Cooper are continuing with Miliband’s philosophy and Kendall is too far right. What they’re saying is the polar opposite.
Corbyn is the reason there has been such a boost in Labour Party membership. Not Burnham. Not Cooper. Not Kendall. The party is thriving and stands the best chance of getting into power with Jeremy Corbyn as leader. And yet, they don’t care because Corbyn is a socialist and he has apparently high jacked the party. It was New Labour that high jacked the party. Labour are a worker’s party and the socialist routes should show.
There have been suggestions that if Corbyn wins, the party will split as it did with the SDP and a new party will be formed which will continue the New Labour dogma. This isn't to be ruled out as they will be very bitter indeed. However, Kendall, Cooper, and Burnham have all pledged their allegiances to the party albeit not all supporting Corbyn.

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