3 September 2015

Criminals? Swarms? Illegals? How About Humans?

There is an humanitarian crisis on our doorstep. There are 3,000 migrants currently awaiting entrance into Britain at Calais. The Mediterranean is seeing thousands more flee from war torn countries and aim for mainland Europe. The southern states of the European Union are less than welcoming to these displaced human beings and it’s causing mass hysteria amongst everyone. 

Many of the displaced people are making their way through the old Yugoslav states with the ending hope of reaching the northern countries. But they're being stopped. They’re finding it difficult to even get through Serbia and Hungary. Reaching the border of their chosen country seems impossible to many of them. 

Germany has led the way and taken hundreds of thousands of refugees in. We need to step it up and do our part. We don’t need to take as many as Germany but proportionally, we can accept thousands more. The 3,000 at Calais is minimal and we’re treating them like vermin. What’s 3,000 people to a population of 60 million? These people have gone through hell to get there. The least we can do it to have a heart and let them in.

If they actually make the perilous journey across the sea, many are heading for Greece and will attempt to stay there. As things are currently, we can’t allow Greece to feel even more of an economic burn. It’s not fair on Greece and it’s not fair on the refugees. We need to help and take our fair share of asylum seekers. 

The death of the three-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi was a wake-up call to many anti-immigration Britons. It’s disgusting that it took the death of a toddler to wake people up from all of the UKIP talk of immigration caps and an Australian style points system. It shouldn't have taken this long to finally see what is right. People are dying and we’re not helping. How is that right? Do we not have hearts? There’s no such thing as ‘birthright’. We don’t get to choose who comes into Britain because we were born here. The connection of a flag shouldn't decipher one’s rights or freedom.

Our government is inhuman and callous. They’d prefer to maintain a 30 per cent opinion poll than to risk it for the sake of saving human beings. Hundreds are dying because we aren't helping enough. The Mediterranean has become serial killer and we sit here complaining that Britain isn't Britain anymore because of all the foreigners. You do not have the right to live here because of the vagina that you came from. Stop treating refugees like rats. They’re people. Just like you and me. We need to stop this racist rhetoric about asylum seekers stopping us from owning a house or getting a job. These people risk their lives to live in a safe country let alone have a job at the end of it.

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