26 September 2015

Who Would Live In A Place Like This? - America: The Dream Is A Nightmare

To many, moving to the States is a dream. A land of opportunity and freedom where any man can live the American dream. Unfortunately, this is a misguided dream and interpretation of the United States. Here are ten reasons why America is far less desirable than you think:

1) Health Care

American health care is good. But very expensive. It works on an insurance based system like paying for your car. But similarly like your car, not all places will do repairs due to the insurer. You could be on death’s door and be turned away because your insurance isn't accepted at the particular hospital. Many Americans work jobs that they utterly despise but stick at it because they get free health insurance. The idea of a national health service is alien to Americans. It’s a communist idea that frightens them because of conservative, republican and rightwing propaganda. The point of being free means that you pay for your own health care and getting rid of this ownership spreads fear amongst American society because you’re attacking American freedom.

2) Gun Crime

Gun crime in America is out of hand. People are dying on the streets because American’s are trying to protect their civil liberties that the 4th amendment so painfully explains is a freedom. Like private health care, the right to arm is crucial to the American way of life. They will protect it until death and unfortunately, this is too often the case. And, with gun crime higher amongst the poorest, it creates an unsocial class divide that spits the country, rips apart families and kills thousands of citizens. Suggesting that guns don’t kill is moronic and the American way of thinking is one that moves the goal posts. Guns kill. It’s as simple as that. Suggesting otherwise shows the delusion that is the American constitution.

3) Religion

83 per cent of Americans describe themselves as Christian with another four per cent describing themselves as Muslim. Whereas in Britain, less than 60 per cent are Christian and four per cent are Muslim. In Sweden, less than 55 per cent follow a religion. This may seem trivial but it plays a huge part in society and how it functions. Abortion for instance. In America, abortion is a massive talking point. It splits politics and causing mass protests. But the pro-life choice is only relevant because of religion. The same can be said with gay rights. The fact that the majority of Americans are conservative hinders the freedom that Americans live by. In contrast, the libertarianism in Britain and Scandinavia boasts a much freer and personal life.

4) Politics

American politics is 1 vs. 1. It’s the Democrats versus the Republicans. Red versus blue. Elephant versus donkey. And, the choice is more limited than it looks. It’s centre-left or centre-right. The media makes it out to be a wider choice than it is but after all is said and done, the elected president will be controlled by big business and capitalism. The hope of Bernie Sanders is refreshing but if in power, it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to deliver. There hasn't been a revolutionary president since FDR. Although JFK was close until his death in ’63. American politics is corrupt, crooked and pointless. The American dream states that any American can become president. And they can. Just, they’ll be controlled by money and capitalism.

5) Racial Discrimination and Inequality

The recent chaos in Ohio is a metaphor for the American Dream. If you work hard and believe in yourself, you can succeed. But only if you’re white… America is undergoing a civil war amongst African-Americans and white police officers. Black Americans are far more likely to go to prison than whites. Not to mention that the life expectancy for a white American is higher than a black American. White American’s are more probable to hold higher, better paid jobs and poverty amongst black Americans is far higher. The only reason for this is racial discrimination. Many suggest that although the President of the USA is black, he’s done very little to help raise the issue of racial discrimination and inequality. And that is because he’s from a far superior background than other black Americans.

6)  A Universal Language

English is not the official language of America. Every time that the debate is brought up, the high Spanish population argues their corner. Therefor, America has no official language. This does make things extremely difficult. Not only for politicians as when Jeb Bush replied in Spanish to a question in Spanish, he was slated for not speaking English, even though English isn't the official dialect. The Spanish/Hispanic population is also often discriminated against as much as the African-American population due to not being a white, English speaking native.

7) History

America is a relatively new country. It’s history really only dates back to the middle ages and even then there aren't many monuments that are still standing from that period. The native Americans are quickly being wiped out and their heritage gone with them. America really only recognises its history from 1776 and the signing of the constitution. For holiday makers, cultural it is not. No historic stone buildings. No medieval churches. No Roman artefacts. Instead, a patriotic love for a flag with 50 stars and admiration for the introduction of civil rights in the 1960s. 

8) Advertising

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Apple. Three of the most prominent brands in the World. All have spread across the globe in a disease of capitalism. Touching the most communist of countries and introducing them to fats food fizzy drinks and iPhones. This is a great achievement for the companies but without advertising, this wouldn't have been possible. And, it is the freedom of America that lets the advertising companies flow. Every television channel, every street corner, every radio station. Advertising is a natural felicity in America. But, never have the witnessed the beauty of a political campaign without advertising. Nor have the viewed a TV station without propaganda. 

9) Food

A subjective point but one with relevance. Now who doesn't like burgers? Who doesn't like fries? Who doesn't like pizza? Unfortunately none are American foods. Burgers are German, fries are french and pizza is Italian. American food doesn't exist. And what’s more, the food that they’ve adopted has caused a mass epidemic of obesity never seen before. Yes, the high calorie diets were needed when manual labour was broad and they were building the railways and skyscrapers without machines. But now, the high calories are simply piling on the waistline of America.

10) The American Ideology

America is the greatest country in the Word. At least, this is what Americans believe. Their freedoms mustn't be under threat or dissected. Without their freedoms, America is just another country. But this is all holding them back. Look at Britain. Look at Scandinavia. Free health care, universal language, less religion, wider political choice, less gun crime, racially equal, bans of advertising and, although unchangeable, a history of its people. America is not a great country. What America is, is 49 states and California. Well. Hollywood. What you see. What America likes to show us. What it lets us see. America is behind Britain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. But, their ideology makes them believe that they are the greatest country on earth. 

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