13 October 2015

Britain: The Land Of Anti-Everyone Else

The recent refugee crisis in Syria has divided Britain on our immigration policy and our status within the EU. David Cameron’s government has declared that Britain will accept 20,000 refugees over the course of the parliament and Britain will only take people from the refugee camps in the middle-east and not those who have already made it across the troublesome Mediterranean Sea. Mr. Cameron’s position is clear: He doesn't want to rock the boat by accepting more or even our proportional share as it goes against his ‘conservative’ and lifeless premiership. His lack of ideology is an election winner but it doesn't help society or those beyond Britain. The Home Secretary Theresa May, has stated that immigration on a large scale, such as the one currently going on in Britain, “puts cohesion at risk”. Amazingly, the majority of her colleagues within the Tory party have agreed with her statement. But she is wrong and her statement is exactly the sort of thing that has created this anti-immigration, racist, neo-patriotism within Britain.

Migrants and refugees do so much to make Britain a thriving country. Without immigration and certainly mass-migration, Britain would collapse. The NHS would lose around 30 per cent of its staff, public transport would fall to its knees and Britain would be looking at a employee shortfall like no other. Most businesses would be understaffed and struggle to keep things going. What migration has done to Britain is fill those jobs and keep the country moving. Other than economic positives, Britain’s culture would not be what it is today without migration. It has privileged us with so many cultural delights, foods and sporting heroes. Britain is Britain because of mass-migration. 

The ugly rise of UKIP has invited many neo-patriots to join a party that declares its hate for the European Union and that in-turn has created a vacuum of racist anti-immigration mindsets. Although I don’t believe that UKIP themselves are racist, their anti-immigration policies certainly attract the neo-patriots. This pro-Britain and extreme hatred towards foreigners is creating an ugly atmosphere in schools, offices and shops. Britain’s tolerant and liberal exterior is looking ever more rightwing by the day. We like to suggest that we have grownup since the 70s and 80s but our stance towards asians and eastern Europeans is worse now than ever before. The hatred that the rightwing press spreads isn't making the situation any better either. One might even suggest that it was and is the rightwing press that has created this feeling around Britain.

We only have to look at Jeremy Corbyn’s slander by the Sun or the Telegraph to see the neo-patriotism being enforced. When Corbyn didn't sing the national anthem and ‘snubbed’ the Queen by not accepting his invitation to the privy council (a pathetic, outdated and hierarchical tradition), Corbyn was slandered for hating Britain. And, his dealings with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA has also given the rightwing press unjust cannon fodder to aim in his direction. But, what this shows us is that Britain has become so patriotic that its become ugly. I don’t mean that we have all suddenly begun to love Britain as the majority of Brits did anyway. What I mean is, the patriotism has become anti-everyone else with extreme feelings towards immigrants and refugees. Anyone foreign or in Jeremy Corbyn’s case, anyone who is seen dealing with foreigners, is the enemy. Welcome to neo-patriotic Britain. The land of anti-everybody else.

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