22 December 2015

2015: A Year In Review

At the risk of sounding egocentric, narcissistic or vain, reviewing the last year seemed like a good idea to gather my thoughts and judge where I’m at. After all, this blog is nearly a year old! As the old cliché goes, this year’s been up and down. There have been some great moments as well as some awful happenings. It’s been a year of success and failure. Joy and sadness. 

I began the year as I meant to go on; I read Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’. This book has been the catalyst for my entire 2015. It’s changed the way I see the world, treat people and it has put me on a political journey that I never thought I’d take. Amazingly and somewhat embarrassingly for an author, I had never read an entire book outside of education before finishing ‘Revolution’… This year I have read twelve books! It may not seem like many but for someone who hated reading prior to ‘Revolution’, I think that’s pretty good going.

In January I produced my second short film. Although I began this project in October 2014, I only managed to finish it this year. I’m very proud of the finished product, even if others didn't value it in the same way that I did. I wrongly assumed that creating short films would open some kind of door for my screenplays… How wrong I was…

I set-up this blog around the same time that I produced my second short film. It has since reached over 5,000 views. Although I didn't really know what I would write about when I began, I feel very comfortable with my current posts and the feedback has been very warm. It’s nice to have somewhere to share my thoughts as well as a place to do what I enjoy doing.

May  saw the 2015 general election and, my first ever. After starting my political journey in January, I felt that I took my new beliefs to the polls and voted with my heart. Since, one man in particular has taken my vote and made me wish that he was leader of the Labour Party back in May. Jeremy Corbyn has finally given the left of the British electorate, a voice.

As my post in November showed, I went to watch Nigel Farage at Gloucester Leisure Centre. This was one of the highlights of my year… Thoroughly enjoyable and and an evening that I can share for some time.

As I stated in my introduction, this year hasn't all been good. Personal issues, problems at work, a £500 MOT bill (for the second time in two years) and having to move house, all happened one after the other from April to July. In September, I also managed to drop out of the Bristol half marathon which made the year look slightly bleak.

However, a couple of new strong personal relationships picked me up and in September, I signed a book contract with Zero Books. ‘TOWIE: The Only Way Is Eton’ is my second book to be published and will be out March 25th 2016. Finally the year turned around and things started going well at work in November/December. 

So, overall, 2015 has been bumpy but it’s been one of the best years of my life. I can only hope that 2016 doesn't disappoint… 

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