28 February 2016

Gloucester MP Is An Example Of Why Young People Don't Vote

In 2010, Richard Graham won the seat of Gloucester for the Conservative Party with 39.9 per cent of the vote. He beat the incumbent Labour MP Parmjit Dhanda by a narrow 4.7 per cent. Since the days of Thatcher, Gloucester has been a bellwether seat constituency which means the winning candidate is of the same party as the national winner. The incumbent, Richard Graham, won his second election in 2015 and increased his majority. (A mirror image of the overall result for the UK)

Unfortunately for Gloucester, the defeater of Dhanda in 2010 was a man who follows party lines by voting for airstrikes, welfare cuts and remaining in the EU. Maybe his loyalty to the Tory party has something to do with his Eton and Oxford education. 

An article published on the Independent quoted the SNP MP Mhairi Black regarding Richard Graham. (The article was about politicians not answering questions) In the quote she says she came across a document sent by a Tory MP (Graham) to a woman whom was affected by the new state pension law (brought in by the government to supposedly save up to £30bn). The document declares that the government cannot do anything for the woman because ‘WASPI is campaigning for all women born after April 1951 to be given their state pension from age 60.’ Black corrects the document’s false allegations by stating that Graham is misleading people as this ‘is not what WASPI is asking for.’ She continues with saying ‘Nobody is against equalisation.’

On the draft of the Investigatory Powers Bill last year, Richard Graham was accused of quoting the Nazi Minister of Publican Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Graham said the following line which is actually associated with the former German Minister:

“If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

Responding to this accusation, Graham said that he wasn't quoting Goebbels as he would have said it in German… 

In July 2015, Graham was banned from driving after being caught doing 90mph in his Honda CRV on the A417 near Cirencester. The offence pushed him over the twelve point limit as he had previously gained three points in December 2014 for speeding. Graham was also fined £663. The Mirror reported that he would have to use his ‘Gloucester Rugby’ bike full time instead. 

Graham’s voting record shows that he generally always falls in line with party policy and rarely rebels.

Voted for:

Bedroom tax
Military action (Including Syria and Libya)
Reduction of welfare
Reduction of disability benefits
Higher VAT
Higher tax on alcohol
Higher tax on plane tickets
Trade union regulation
Reduction of corporation tax
Equal gay rights (including same sex marriage)
Free schools and academies 
Higher education fees
Stronger immigration controls
Selling England’s state owned forests
Privatisation of the NHS
Measures to reduce tax avoidance
More EU integration
EU referendum
Restricting the scope of legal aid
Smoking ban

Voted against:

Proportional representation
Banker’s bonus tax
Further devolution for Scotland, Wales and local councils
Measures to prevent climate change
Regulation of gambling
Higher train fares
Higher top rate of tax
Mansion tax

Has never voted on:

Culling of badgers to prevent TB… The MP for Gloucester…

His victory against Dhanda in 2010 was a real loss for Gloucester and the House of Commons. Dhanda oversaw the transformation of Gloucester during the naughties. The docks, the Quays, the new police HQ and St Oswalds all happened under the former MP of Gloucester. Dhanda also voted against the grain by voting against the Iraq War. Needless to say that Richard Graham would have certainly voted in for it…

I’m not sure there is a politician whom I disagree with more than Richard Graham. He’s a typical Conservative political whom encourages a free capitalist system, looks after the rich and chooses to make the lives of the working class harder. His education, voting record and, conduct backs up every point that I make in my new book 'TOWIE: The Only Way Is Eton'. He generally always votes in line with his party and votes in favour of policies that hurt young people the most, he conducts himself baldy by making up facts and, he was educated at Eton College and then Oxford University.

Although I live in Gloucester, I fall under the Tewkesbury constituency and am therefore not represented by Graham.

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