23 February 2016

Nevada (R) Prediction

Donald Trump won his second state on Saturday in South Carolina. Once again he defeated the other candidates convincingly and the race looks to have shrunk to three candidates. 

Marco Rubio has the establishment behind him now that Jeb Bush has dropped out. He has yet to win a state and probably won’t beat Trump in Nevada either.

Ted Cruz has lost all of his momentum and came third in the last two states with Kasich and Rubio beating him in New Hampshire and South Carolina respectively.

Ben Carson is somehow still in the race even though he finished behind Bush in South Carolina. He won’t perform well in Nevada either. He has no momentum and hasn't done anything to increase his support. He’s just in it for the ride and the money.

My prediction:

1 - Donald Trump
2 - Marco Rubio
3 - Ted Cruz

Trump has business in Las Vegas and won the last two states. He’s odds on to win a third state in a row. Trump won’t get the majority of the vote and when more candidates drop out and hand their percentage to either Rubio or Cruz, Trump may not be able to compete. His percentage never climbs over 40 and Bush’s supporters are more likely to choose Rubio or Kasich.

Trump will win Nevada and will probably win the nomination with his rightwing populist views. No policies have been mentioned as of yet though…

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