16 March 2016

It’s All Over For Bernie

Hillary Clinton destroyed Bernie Sanders’ hopes of presidency last night by defeating him in every state up for grabs. Sanders needed to perform well in Florida and win in Ohio, Illinois and Missouri to have a chance of catching Clinton. Unfortunately for Sanders, his team and his supporters, the dream looks to be all but dead.

From the outset I pledged my support for Bernie Sanders. I am extremely deflated after last night because I believed that he would win at least Ohio. I’m not really sure where this leaves people like me. People who supported Bernie from the start. People who’ve had enough of the establishment. People who want to see real change in America. For some, they will jump ship and support Clinton in order to defeat Trump. Other will do the opposite and support Trump - He, like Bernie is the anti-establishment candidate. And the third group of people will not support any other candidate.

Bernie has changed the political discourse within America. On a huge scale people are now talking about progressive leftwing policies with real substance behind them. Simply by being a close contender in this race he’s forced Clinton further to the left than she would usually want to be. If she does win the election come November, maybe Bernie’s campaign will have made her change her mind on certain issues such as campaign financing and corruption in Wall Street. 

What Americans have done is voluntarily made sure that their lives won’t be made better. Clinton is going to be a conservative continuation of Obama’s administration. If Bernie was elected, things would get done and they would be things that would ultimately help the American people. But, instead they’ve decided that they don't want a better life. It’s actually very frustrating to see them disregard obvious policies that we have in the UK simply because it goes against their “freedom” as an American citizen.

Many are expecting Bernie to be Clinton’s running mate in November. The thing is, that would go against everything he believes in. He’s not going to be part of an administration that he doesn't agree with simply for a job. He’s far too honest and honourable to do something like that. 

Come November, it looks as if it’ll be Clinton vs Trump. He’s also quite far out in front and has over half the number of needed delegates. Rubio’s dropout will see his votes transfer and probably split between Cruz and Kasich. Again, the split in votes will be an advantage for Trump. It won’t be until one of the other two drops out when Trump will feel the pressure. And, it’ll have to be Kasich as he’s probably too far behind to win close the gap and overtake Trump.

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