29 May 2016

America Has Chosen The Two Most Divisive Candidates Possible

Though his immigration policy has been labelled as ‘racist’ by politically correct neo-liberals, Donald Trump won the GOP nomination with very little resistance. Contrasty, Hillary Clinton made the Democratic primaries look incredibly difficult and can still mathematically lose to Bernie Sanders. What Clinton and Trump share is the fact that they have both split their parties between the establishments and the public. The GOP do not want Trump as their candidate. They would have preferred the more conservative “Little Marco” Rubio, John Kasich or the original front runner and low-energy candidate Jeb! The Democratic establishment are much happier than their Republican contemporaries. Ms Clinton is and has always been their favourite and any suggestion of a real-life socialist winning the nomination was the most shocking thing since Gore failed to win Florida.

From the moment Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, the GOP reputedly rejected the fact that he would have any chance of winning. In fact, they were willing to take matters into their own hands by forcing a brokered convention and slipping in Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan at the last second as the designated heroes of the party. As Trump’s campaign gathered pace and he began catching up with ‘Jeb!’ in the polls, the prospect of a Trump candidacy looked very possible. The neo-liberal media of the US consistently labelled Trump as a racist for his proposal of ‘the Great Wall of Donald’ and the potential banning of all muslims from entering the country. However, by the end of 2015, Trump was way ahead in every poll. Their favourite son ‘Jeb!’ wasn't even polling in double figures. 

The former ‘Apprentice’ star used his reality TV experience in the debates and began branding each candidate with a nickname. Ted Cruz became ‘Lying Ted’, Marco Rubio became ‘Little Marco’,  and ‘Jeb!’ was branded as ‘low-energy’. Trump didn't even waste airtime on nicknaming the other candidates. His use of the debates and enthusiasm to accept every television interview gave him immense airtime for him to destroy the other candidates. Other than his two immigration proposals, Trump didn't actually have any policies. He suggested that he'd ‘talk’ to foreign leaders and introduce a great healthcare plan but that’s it. The debates were a soapbox for him to destroy the other candidates by branding nicknames and quoting their past voting records. 

Unlike the US media, the GOP’s problem with Trump isn't his immigration suggestions; it’s his anti-establishment, anti-politician, anti-money-in-politics and moderate ideology. The problem for the GOP is: Republican’s have bought Trump’s campaign because there are factions of the Republican Party that are racist and agree with tough immigration as well as the voters whom are fed up with politicians. Though Trump has their support, there are two other types of Republican voters. There are moderates whom see Clinton as the real Republican candidate and will switch parties as well as Conservatives whom aren't socially liberal and will either vote for a third party candidate or not at all. 

There is a similar conundrum on the Democratic side. Many Democrats are fed-up with politicians and money in politics. For them, Bernie Sanders was the ideal candidate. However, now that he doesn't look like winning the nomination, these anti-establishment voters see Trump as their most representative candidate. Then, you have the Sanders’ supports whom won’t vote for Clinton because of everything she stands for (Mainly her flip-flopping policy changes, corruption charges, being the establishment candidate and being supported by big money) and also won’t vote for Trump because he’s not socially liberal. The Democratic Party believes that Hillary is the greatest possible candidate because she is part of the establishment. They don’t care that ordinary Democratic voters are fed-up with politicians like Hillary. So much so that if Hillary is indicted for the email scandal, there is huge suggestion that Joe Biden will be flown in to replace Hillary and ignore the fact that Bernie came second. They see the primaries as their game and their right to choose their nomination. They believe that they know best for the people. 

What America has going into the national conventions and the general election are two candidates whom divide their parties like no candidates have before. The presidential election will see Republicans voting Democrat, Democrats voting Republican, people voting for a third party candidate and quite possibly, a record breaking low turnout due to the divisiveness of the nominated candidates. 

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