14 May 2016

BREXIT: Why I’m Voting To Leave

Although I am a loyal supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, I do not accept that Britain is better off IN. Nor do I accept that he actually believes that himself. He’s been an advocate for leaving the European Union since he became an MP. His honourable friend and our mutual hero, the late Mr Tony Benn, devoted much of his life to campaigning against the EU and Corbyn was along side him for much of it. 

My reasons to leave the EU are the same reasons that Mr Benn believed in. It can be summed up in one word; democracy. The European Union is a fundamentally undemocratic power. In fact, it’s antidemocratic. It kills democracy. There are 751 members of the European parliament. Of those 751, we in Britain elect a mere 73. That’s 9.7 per cent of a parliament that passes around 63 per cent of laws in Britain. Of the remaining 90.3 per cent, there are members of the far right such as Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France, Germany’s AFD and the neo-Nazis Golden Dawn. But what’s more frightening than the MEPs that Britain can’t elect are the unelected people in charge of the entire European project; Jean-Claude Juncker (the president of the European commission), Donald Tusk (the president of the European council), Martin Schulz (the president of the European parliament) and Ms Merkel.

Going back to Mr Benn, he had a simple democracy test that he liked to use. It’s as follows:

1 What power do they have?
2 Where did you get it from?
3 In whose interest do they exercise it?
4 To whom are they accountable?
5 How can we get rid of them?

These people mentioned above (the leaders of Europe) do not pass Mr Benn’s democracy test. They weren't elected by the people, they have supreme power, they don't use their powers in our interests (in fact in Greece’s case they use their powers to destroy the people but I’ll speak about that…) they're not accountable to anyone and we can’t get rid of them. The European Union is an autocracy with a mirage of democracy through the European parliament.

Greece. The European Union, the ECB and the IMF have a stranglehold on the birthplace of democracy. They threaten the democratically elected Greek government and enforce crippling austerity on the country in exchange for loan after loan after loan after loan. With every extra bailout, comes further austerity. But the Greek government have no say in what happens. They tried and were threatened. But why are they in this position in the first place? Because of the failed European project and the failed currency. And now they're stuck. They can’t leave. Even if the Greek people, as they have shown, want to leave. The birthplace of democracy is dead.

For me it’s not about immigration or security or the economy. It’s about democracy. That’s it. 100 per cent of British laws should be passed by the Houses of Parliament, every member should be elected by the British public and the leader should be able to pass Mr Benn’s test. Though I thoughrully disagree with the Conservative government, they were chosen by the public. And yes, it’s not perfect but it’s democratic and crucially it’s reformable. The European Union is not. How can we reform something in which we have no influence and they have no accountability? You can’t. 

What about the economic reasons to stay in? Won’t Britain suffer if we leave?

No chance. If anything, we will benefit from leaving. And to tackle what president Obama said about a Brexit: There are a few ways to look at it. 

1 He won’t be president after January 2017. Let’s suggest that we leave the EU and Trump becomes president. (Very likely) Trump doesn't believe in TTIP. He want’s to scrap it. Furthermore, there’s a very good chance that Trump would negotiate a trade deal sooner than Obama would. 

2 Let’s suggest that Clinton becomes president and Britain leaves the EU. She believes in TTIP. It’s meant to be passed within the next year or so. Britain won’t leave the EU overnight. It might take up to ten years. Within that time, a trade deal will be made. 

3 Britain produces Jaguars, Land Rover Range Rovers and Aston Martins. All of which, especially Range Rovers, are consumed on a grand scale by America. Britain also supplies Boeing with aeroplane parts including Rolls Royce engines. Do I need to mention the outreach of British sports and the sale of merchandise in the states? I don’t think so. There’s no way that the US just stop consuming British goods. Especially Boeing.

The entire remain campaign has been scaremongering. Britain will be fine out of the EU. In fact the UK will prosper. And no, Britain won’t be a member of the EEA like Norway. Britain won't be like Switzerland in the Schengen area. Britain will be Britain and Britain will be great.

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