27 May 2016

Chilcot, Electoral Fraud and Hillary Clinton’s Emails - Remind Me, Why Don’t Young People Vote?

I don’t want to sound like a pessimist but the state of politics today is abysmal. We’re always told that corruption goes on but we always shrug it off like we’re watching ‘The Thick of It’, ‘Veep’ or ‘House of Cards’. The incredible thing is; people have stopped watching these shows because politics is becoming far too ludicrous. Even Kevin Spacey has suggested that they could've gone further with HoC because real-life politics is even wackier than the hit Netflix show. It’s no wonder that with the state of politics young people don't see why they should give up their time to vote for these crooks.

On 6th July, the much awaited and prolonged Iraq War inquiry will be released. Chilcot, as it’s known, is said to paint the former prime minster, Tony Blair, in a very bad light. It’s widely accepted these days that the Iraq War was illegal. Not only did they not get a UN resolution but they lied to the nation as well as the House of Commons about weapons of mass destruction or WMD. Furthermore, Bush and Blair were planning on invading for some time before 2003. Bush wanted to finish off his father’s job by taking out Saddam and after 9/11, they now had a credible reason to lie to the public about Iraq’s WMD program. After all of that and the millions that protested in the streets against the proposed illegal war, they still went in and destroyed the middle-east; creating a political vacuum now filled by ISIS. If Chilcot doesn't destroy Tony Blair and send him to the Hague, nothing ever will. What’s more, if Blair is put on trial, Dubya should join him in the dock.

The Conservative Party is currently being investigated by the electoral commission and numerous police forces across Britain. They have been accused of electoral fraud by overspending in by-elections, the general election and the PCC election. The issue concerns the line between national spending and local spending. Channel Four News have uncovered this scandal by looking into declared national expenses and activity in targeted constituencies. It seems that the Tories have declared local expenses as national ones. Mainly being hotel rooms and the so-called ‘Battle Bus’. If found guilty of electoral fraud, a general election might be triggered. Or, the constituencies involved might undergo by-elections. One of these constituencies is South Thanet - the constituency fought by UKIP’s Nigel Farage and the Conservative’s main target.

Hillary Clinton or ‘Crooked Hillary’, as Donald Trump likes to call her, is undergoing an FBI investigation into an alleged email scandal. The issue surrounds Clinton using a non-governmental email server to send confidential emails. The server was hacked by rogue American hackers and reportedly by Russian intelligence as well. The investigation has taken a fair bit of time because it’s said that Ms Clinton and her aids wiped her server so clean that not even the FBI can retrieve the emails. Why would anyone do this if they weren't guilty? If found guilty, Ms Clinton faces indictment and will be unable to run for president of the United States.

The powers above will probably crush all three of these investigations. Blair, the Tories and Clinton will all escape persecution because they are too powerful. And that is the problem. Scandals aren't new. But with social media being what it is, the world knows about these scandals. If they escape (as they will) confidence in politics will be further down the toilet than it already is - and it’s pretty deep right now. Why don’t young people vote? This may have something to do with it. Politics is a game for the elite to do what they want and get away with anything. Then there’s us; the people who get put in jail for unpaid parking tickets. The one in six African-Americans who will be incarcerated in their lifetimes. But it’s fine because we’ll all grow up to be good little Tories, pay our taxes and be quiet. 

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