26 June 2016

The Coup Has Begun: This Is Why I Joined The Labour Party.

The expected coup against Jeremy Corbyn has begun as members of the shadow cabinet resign on mass. The no confidence motion was tabled on the day after Brexit by two backbench Labour MPs. On Monday, the Parliamentary Labour Party is expected to meet to discuss the future of the party and Corbyn’s leadership. 

From the moment Corbyn entered the race to become leader in July 2015, the PLP tried their hardest to oppose his rise. But they failed enormously. Jeremy Corbyn was elected on the biggest mandate of any Labour leader in history. The Blairites were naturally annoyed. Then came the debate and motion of airstrikes in Syria. The Labour Party should’ve opposed the government on this. However, Corbyn gave each MP a free vote on the motion and naturally many of them stood with the government instead of with Corbyn. 

Since, the Blairites in the party have been looking for ways to oust Corbyn. Labour being on the losing side of the referendum gave them the perfect opportunity to strike. Though I must suggest that the vast majority of Labour voters voted to remain. Corbyn was put in a difficult position in the referendum. Being a man of principle, he literally couldn't give 100% to the European Union. He sees it for what it is; an undemocratic attack of neoliberal capitalism on the working class. If he came out for ‘leave’, the vast majority of Labour MPs would have attempted the coup then. It didn't help that his efforts to campaign for the EU were overshadowed by the Tory infighting.

I joined the Labour Party over a month ago because I sensed a coup was coming. I wanted to be a signed-up Labour member ready to cast my vote for Corbyn when he faced a leadership challenge. Now that the coup has begun and a challenge is on the cards from top Blairites, I can pledge my full support for Jeremy Corbyn. 

The rebelling Blairites are suggesting that Corbyn’s leadership does not connect with the ordinary Labour voter. This astounds me. Nobody else within the PLP can honestly connect with the ordinary Labour voter as much as Corbyn. (Apart from Dennis Skinner, of course) Replacing Corbyn with a Blairite would see the Conservatives triumph under a united manifesto and keep Labour out of power for the foreseeable future. What they need to understand is that there are ordinary Labour voters on one side, the PLP on the other, and Corbyn in the middle. He may not be the Farage candidate that they actually really need but he is far closer to them than anyone else in the PLP. The ultimate point here is that the British public are fed-up with the establishment. Brexit was a vote against Westminster, the banks, the financial institutions, big business and then the EU. Replacing Corbyn with an establishment candidate would be disastrous. 

Jeremy Corbyn will be facing a vote of no confidence this week and he’ll be automatically entered on the ballot. Whomever the PLP chose, they can expect to lose. The grassroots mandate that Corbyn had in September has only grown. Expect to see Corbyn for some time yet. 

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