24 August 2016

When Will We See the Return of Golden Age Cinema?

I’ve previously written about the lack of original films and fresh scripts coming out of Hollywood and the film industry in general. For the last decade Hollywood producers have continuously poured money into sequels, prequels, spin-offs, remakes and reboots. We all know why and it’s a cliché to mention. But what I’m wondering is when will we see Hollywood decide that enough is enough and begin reinvesting into original scripts and fresh ideas. 

Below is a list of films currently showing at my local cinema that all fit into one of the categories of sequel, prequel, spin-off, remake and reboot.

Finding Dory
Suicide Squad
David Brent: Life on the Road
Jason Bourne
Star Trek Beyond
Alice Through the Looking Glass

It is also important to note that the top two on this list are the most popular. 

These films are popular because we crave more and when more is done well, we love it. However, again, Hollywood isn't doing because they want to bring join to our lives….

By this point you’re probably hating on me for pointing out that films like Finding Dory and Suicide Squad are part of the problem with cinema today. But the thing is, we can still have these films. We’re allowed to have sequels and remakes. That’s fine. The issue is, there are too many of them. Yes, there are a few good films currently screening at the cinema that are original and independent. But unfortunately they are far less viewed than the above movies and receive far less funding. 

I also don’t want to come across as a golden-age dreamer and think that the times of the past were better. (Well, in some cases they were) What I’m suggesting is that Hollywood needs a big shake up and original scripts are being lost due to the money hungry executives who want to keep feeding us sequels and remakes. 

Currently, original scripts are coming from television and this is where the big actors, writers and directors are working now. The issue with this is, television goes on for too long. How many times have you started a new show and stopped at season three or four? Again, money is driving the length of these shows and it’s becoming a lot like film. We need perfect little gems of cinema that last forever and can be viewed by generations to come with the same excitement as when they were released. Future generations won't find Breaking Bad in a charity shop and sit through six seasons. 

Perhaps then, we’ll start to see a return to amazing two hour films with original scripts and healthy budgets over a remake of a classic Charlton Heston flick (insert dead inside smile emoji) Once one Hollywood executive bucks the trend, perhaps others will follow suit and we’ll start to see films like North by Northwest, Seven and Good Will Hunting again. (Minus Ben Affleck for those who think he ruins your life)

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