21 October 2016

Is Britain Really Going to Celebrate if Clinton Wins?

As I’ve said before, the American public have to choose between the two most divisive candidates in the history of their democracy. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their fair share of critics. Neither candidate is seen as the lesser of two evils. At least not in America. Here in Britain it’s a very different story.

For some reason the British public have taken it upon themselves to support Hillary Clinton on mass. The mere mention of a Brit supporting Donald Trump is forbidden and that person is indirectly labelled a ‘racist’. Although the British press is predominantly rightwing with only the Guardian and the Independent choosing to support Clinton, it is social media, the television news stations, and the radio stations that have swung British popular opinion against Trump. Almost every television personality, political pundit, and British politician that has appeared on the television or radio has come out in support of Clinton due to their stance on Donald Trump.

Trump’s outbursts and chest beating causes him to grab the headlines for all the wrong reasons. When Trump says something rightwing, the British media picks it up and vastly exaggerates it. Moreover, even when his outbursts aren't exaggerated and hardly bad at all, his constant platform as a news story has created this atmosphere of hate towards him and it has been noted by the British public. Indeed, some of Trump’s comments may seem xenophobic, racist, sexist, and homophobic but it is the politically correct public that takes offence on behalf of others. I’m not defending his comments one bit but we have to look at this realistically. If it’s racist to want border controls to tackle illegal immigration, then half of Britain must be racist. If it’s sexist to have a joke about sex, then I wouldn’t want you to walk into a male changing room. Let’s be honest, Trump isn't a bigot. He’s rightwing, that’s for sure but he’s not a bigot. His comments are exaggerated and the British public are neoliberal and want to be offended. 

I’m no Trump supporter. His beliefs are the polar opposite of mine. What I am though is someone who looks at the hypersensitivity of the British public and sees that they’re choosing to be offended. Donald Trump and his campaign is an Americanised Brexit. The antiestablishment feeling, of which I can relate, took Britain out of Europe and has lead to the support for Donald Trump. We need to stop trying to take the high ground and realise that the people choosing to support Trump are the same people who wanted Britain to leave the European Union. They’re not rednecks or hillbillies. They’re ordinary Americans who have been hit hard by decades of neoliberal politics and establishment politicians.

I’m not suggesting that it would be better if Trump beat Hillary. As I’ve written before, I would vote for Jill Stein if given the choice. I don’t want either candidate to win but unfortunately they will. If the British public knew why so many people despise Hillary in America, perhaps they wouldn't be so pro-Clinton. Perhaps if they read into her email scandal or Benghazi or the Clinton Foundation or the covering-up of her husband’s sexual antics, perhaps then they wouldn't want her to win as much as they dogmatically do. 

There was once a time when America could elect presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR. Now they have a choice between a rightwing billionaire and a corrupt establishment politician. Let’s face the fact that we should really hope they choose to #VoteGiantMeteor.

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