30 January 2017

America is no Longer a Democracy

Donald J. Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America on 20th January 2017. Donald J. Trump is now the leader of the free world. Donald J. Trump now represents, not only Americans, but also the rest of the liberal western world. This man is causing complete chaos and it's impacting everyone around the globe. The issue I have with this is that he's unapologetically undemocratic.

Going back to last year's presidential campaign,  I was unashamedly anti-Hillary Clinton. That being said, it didn't mean I was pro-Trump. Now that Trump won and is the president of the most powerful country in the world, I'm frustrated that he's bypassing the democratic process and passing executive orders to get what he wants. The democratic process is there for a reason. It's there so men like Trump don't win power and impose fascistic policies on his electorate. 

Using executive orders is completely undemocratic and I do not support it. He’s choosing to pass populist right wing policies to prove a point about how politicians don't get things done. He's trying to show the world that he has done more in his first week than Obama did in his entire presidency. Although he's made his point, there’s a reason why politicians take so long. Without going through the correct channels, the laws passed do not have a mandate.

Trump is bypassing Congress altogether. What happens if he eventually attempts to pass a bill democratically and congress rejects it? He’s the type of man who would tell congress to fuck off and pass another executive order. Yes, Trump has a Republican majority in both the senate and the House of Representatives, but that doesn't mean he'll find it easy to pass bills. Remember, half of the Republican establishment has been alienated by Trump, including the speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Ryan himself has publicly come out against Trump's refugee executive order.

There are protests all over America due to Trump's executive orders. Namely abortion, the wall, refugees and Obamacare. However, I have to take issue with the protesters. They're protesting against the policies. Which would be fine if the policies were democratically implemented. I would suggest that if Trump passed extremely liberal bills such as free education, free healthcare for all, a four day week, a statewide decriminalisation of cannabis, a $20 minimum wage, or universal basic income, the liberal protests would stop. Completely hypocritical. If a law is passed by the means of one man signing a piece of paper and not going through the proper process, then that law is undemocratic and shouldn't be implemented. 

Trump has done what he said; albeit to please his supporters and alienate the actually majority. 
Clinton wouldn't have done what she said and would've continued to be an establishment politician for big money and big business. So, technically, you could trust Trump. You could trust him to do what he promised. This couldn't be said for Hillary, her husband or even Obama. 

Trump’s so-called Muslim ban is fascistic and racist. I do not agree with it and he’s using his power as president to purge America of Islam. That being said, it doesn't mean we should ban Trump from his proposed state visit to the United Kingdom. When the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted the petition, I was of of the first to sign. However, I signed the petition to ensure there is a debate in the Commons about our close relationship with Trump’s administration. 

It’s ironic that the country that prides itself on democracy is now an autocratic state run by an orange maniac. The country that supposedly has systems in place so that it doesn't become a totalitarian regime is now becoming one. This is not a reactionary position either. America is no longer a democracy. The head of state is passing laws without going through the judicial process. We seriously have to question our relationship with such a country. Granted that after Brexit we need a strong trade deal with the States, but that doesn't mean we should revert back to the homoerotic days of Blair and Bush. 

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