19 March 2017

Brexit First, Indyref2 Second.

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has set the wheels in motion for a second referendum on the independence of Scotland. She is arguing that the people of Scotland, who voted to remain within the EU, deserve another say on their independence now that the situation of the UK's future has changed.

What the SNP are saying is factually correct. Unfortunately, Britain voted in the EU referendum as one person one vote and one country one decision. Since Scotland voted to remain within the U.K. back in 2014, they remained part of the UK and must accept the outcome of the result. It's important to say that Scotland knew a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU would happen after indyref. The issue with the SNP is that as long as they run for parliament within the U.K., they're always going to demand independence as it's their number one policy. Much like UKIP's was Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. So, what happens if the outcome of indyref2 is the same as indyref1? They'll demand another referendum as soon as they feel they have enough political tenure to do so. The phrase 'once in a lifetime vote' doesn't seem to have much substance anymore.

So, the SNP want another referendum because the game has now changed. Britain is leaving the EU and Scotland, which voted to remain, is following England out of Europe. The issue here is that polls suggest the call for independence has actually declined since the EU referendum. Sure, so polls are inaccurate and we can't trust them. Unfortunately, pollsters were spot on for indyref1. If they're asking the same pool of people, I feel that we should be inclined to trust the polls on this occasion. Yes, I know we shouldn't pick and choose which polls we trust, but here we can because they were spot on last time and they're asking the same groups of Scottish people.

Personally, I support the independence of any country or nation that wants to free itself from the union of another government. This is democracy and it's something I'm very much in favour of. If a high proportion of Scottish people want a referendum on their independence, they should be given the legitimacy to conduct one. Although I don't believe that Scotland would be better off out of the U.K. and within the EU, if it's what the majority wants, they should be respected and treated with dignity. 

Although I support the idea of another referendum on the future of Scotland, I don't think before Brexit would be very ideal. The U.K. has a big task on its hands in the form of leaving the EU and we should be solely focusing on triggering Article 50. We should not be conducting another referendum by using valuable money and resources when we have such a mammoth task on our hands. Moreover, it would be better for Scotland to see what life out of the EU would be like before deciding to leave the U.K. It just doesn't make sense when they won't be granted access to the EU immediately anyway. So, either way, they'll be leaving the European Union. Therefore, on this occasion, I agree with the Prime Minister. Let's get Brexit out the way and see what Britain is really like after leaving the European Union. Then, if the demand is still there, hold a second referendum on the independence of Scotland.

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