Hi, my name is Mitchell Agg. I'm a writer from Gloucestershire. Welcome to my blog where I like to write about politics, religion, philosophy and social science. 

I was born in Gloucester in 1993 and currently work for an events company in nearby Tewkesbury. I have published four books and made two short films. I wrote my first book after leaving sixth form in 2012. During the year of the London Olympics, I found myself unemployed and helplessly looking for a job. In the meantime, I was writing football articles for the International Business Times. I submitted an article about Hitler bidding to host the 1942 FIFA World Cup, which he obviously hindered by invading Poland in 1939. The article was rejected and I went onto turn the article into a book entitled 'From Motherland to Fatherland'. After getting a job in January 2013, 'From Motherland to Fatherland' was published later that year. 

In 2014, I wrote my first novel. It was a spy thriller about a British secret agent whose mission it was to stop a coup occurring in financial torn Greece. Unfortunately, 'The Missions of Sterling Wells' was rejected by almost every publisher. So, thanks to the amazing Amazon, I self-published it myself via the Amazon Kindle. Forward three years and Amazon now allow Kindle books to be printed in paperback form! So, I edited the manuscript, formatted it correctly, produced a cover and 'The Missions of Sterling Wells' is now available as a paperback!

A year later, I wrote my most successful book - 'Why Young People Don't Vote'. I began writing it after the disappointing young turnout at the 2015 general election. The book was published by Zero Books later that year. 

After the EU Referendum, I wanted to write another political book. So, I decided to write about the referendum and why I think it turned out the way it did. 'Brexit: How the Working Class Took Britain Out of Europe' was rejected by all political publishers for being too short. At only 14,000 words, they were probably right. However, I went back to Amazon and it is now available as a paperback and ebook! I have since written a book about populism and extremism, and I'm currently in the submissions process. I'm now working on my next project which is a piece of fiction.

In 2015, I created two short films. I did this after writing two feature length manuscripts but was struggling to get anyone to read them. I heard that making short films could be a good way to get one's foot in the door. So, that's what I did. Both films are available to watch on YouTube. (Just search my name)

Although I have always been politically aware, I didn't really become politically engaged until the end of 2014. Prior to that I was a naive petulant teenager who though the country was doing amazingly under the coalition! I can put my change in thinking down to one person, but I will keep them anonymous. I joined the Labour Party just prior to the EU referendum, as I assumed there would be an impending coup against Jeremy Corbyn. I was right. However, due to the NEC, I was unable to vote. I was delighted when Corbyn increased his mandate and in 2017, I started to become politically active. I have been campaigning for the Gloucester CLP in the local elections and the subsequent snap general election in June.

Left to right: Barry Kirby, Me , Julie Brodrick and Mat McCall