Suicide In Society, The Media And Popular Culture

I originally planned this series of articles to be a stand alone book with the view of it being published. However, I have chosen to release the incomplete manuscript as a series of articles instead. 

Suicide is a sad, scary and strange topic to write about. When you mention to anyone that you’re writing about suicide, the first thing they'll say is “You’re not suicidal, are you?” I’ve never had that response about anything but this topic. I could write about serial killers and nobody would accuse me of wanting to murder a dozen people. I could write about Islamic State (as I already have) and nobody would ask if I want to join them in the Levant. For some reason suicide is different. It’s as if somebody who doesn't want to take their own life should ever write about the subject. 

Of course the subject is sensitive and of course it’s scary. But it doesn't mean we can’t discuss it in a civilised manner instead of holding the conservative view that suicide is selfish and wrong.

Suicide In Society, The Media And Popular Culture

31 August 2015

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